Wednesday, April 11, 2012

White Car - Everyday Grace (Hippos In Tanks 2012)

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"Everyday Grace' brings you White Car's mutant rendering of America's electronic dance roots, European electronic post-punk, Dutch drug techno and British post rave absurdity lead by the paranoid neo-greaser kiss of Elon Katz's hyper-ego digital whisper and processed stammer.
The sound of the debut LP is less 'site-specific' than White Car's previous work, with Katz cooking his influences and interests into a personal vision that has little to do with retro-fetishism and genre-fascism. 'Everyday Grace' deals with assimilating human life into this digital age- 100 years of western industrial dominance now morphing into a nebulous stream of globalized interconnected captivity. 'Everyday Grace's' lyrical content charges the narrative of technological incorporation with sexuality and élan, words about the truncation and abuse of time, the contracting of personal space while the universe expands, and the virtual / physical interfacing of human interaction."- Hippos in Tanks

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