Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Casino Gardens - Fantasies in Cools Palace (Lillerne 2012)

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"We are always asking if the pyramid gives us meaning/Asking if our simulacra can lean in close and whisper/A few sweet words about our paranoid operation/But does anyone ask if the music is still playing? Casino Gardens' follow up to his brilliant 2011 self-titled debut on Beer on The Rug. Twenty-four minutes of perfect short-attention span pop, 4-track detritus, cooing vocal modulations and infectious melody. Lo-fi dream state transmissions. CG takes the current cut and paste aesthetic to new and more honest, analog realms with this release. Captivating soundscapes placed into tiny portable radios. As easy of a tape to listen to repeatedely as I've ever heard. Upbeat, vintage radio pop and sleepy synth ambience filtered through a yellowy-lit, late night bedroom window."- Lillerne

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