Sunday, May 29, 2011

Art Post - Neck Face

Neck Face + Isaiah Seret - Born Under a Bad Sign from Levi's Film Workshop on Vimeo.

Artist Website

Wondering if this film is going to have an actual dvd release. This could be considered another big highlight of the LA MOCA Show.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Matt Mondanile (ducktails) Starts His Own Label

"Word just came in that Mondanile has started his own record label, New Images, which is 100% independent, and will be kicking off with a 12" from the Finnish musician in late June. "Donovan," below, is a colorful smorgasbord of polyrhymic drum patter, tinny string samples, and flyaway ear candy. You might think that its only unifying logic principle is its own hyperactivity, until it tunnelvisions into a woodsy groove. --Emilie Friedlander," Altered Zones

Tomutonttu - Donovan by New Images

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Artpost - Kidult

Kidult x MR Brainwash from eric on Vimeo.

Kidult x MOCA from eric on Vimeo.

Kidult is making a name for himself by crossing people out. Normally, no one would care, however, his choice of targets is changing that. Banksy aided the world in exposing Mr. Brainwash as a complete idiot and copycat, So my hat goes off to you Kidult for doing what we all wanted to do. I dont think you can make a career out of x'en peeps out, but it works for now. And the LA MOCA show, amazing as it is (artists wise), is a deserving target as well because Jeffrey Deitch is missing the point and not to mention cashing in on "Street Art."

Black Lips

Black Lips - New Direction

I have mixed emotions about Mark Ronson's contribution to their new album, as long as the rest of the album doesn't sound like poop then I guess we are okay.

Delroy Wilson - I Shall Not Remove (1966)



Nodzzz - Heyday Past Heyday Due

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Cankun - Jaguar Dance (Not Not Fun 2011)

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"French haze aesthete Vincent Caylet has been active on the marginal music frontlines in various capacities for several years at this point but Jaguar Dance is his debut outing under the Cankun parasol, and it’s a even brighter-lit hideaway of mirages to pass out in. Choppy, chiming guitars balance-beam above looping heatwaved keyboards while skittery beats glitter like a glare on the skin of the sea. A few songs fixate on a more entrancing/sun-stupor tonal agenda (“Coral Sands,” “O Mountains O”) but the majority of the album’s nine multi-movement instrumentals revel in freshly flowing metronomic locomotions, from propulsive island-kraut (“Congo Mobile Disco”) to cool club bootlegs (“Lichens Beat,” “Kids House”) to sweaty wah-funk (“Striking Bicycles”) and beyond. Escapist, joyous, and psychedelically sunburned in equal measure,Jaguar Dance is a totally promising first statement and we’re already pumped for the sequel. Pro-dubbed tapes in cases with surreal smoking lips j-card art by Valerian Marguery. Edition of 175." - Not Not Fun

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mondo Mix Tape #!

Featuring new tracks from Black lips, Woods, and The Savage Young Taterbug
Artwork by Angela Fox

Track listing:
1) Ariel Pinks Haunted Graffiti - Fright Night (Dam Funk Remix)
3) Bone Thugs-N-Harmony- Die Die Die
4) Dara Pusrita - To Love Somebody
5) Dirty Beaches - Don't Let The Devil Find You
6) King Tuff - Hands
8) Psychedelic Aliens - Blofonyobi Wo Atale
9) Psychedelic Horseshit - French Countryside
11) Smoky Robinson & The Miracles - The Tracks Of My Tears
12) Tarheel Slim - Number Nine Train
15) Woods - Pushing Onlys

V/A - Night People Deluxe Double Fold Spring 2011

Free Download at Night People

V/A - Girls In The Garage Vol.1


Art Post - The Old Boy's Club

Artist Website

"We Mentioned our admiration for The Old Boys' Club on the site a few months back, and now the "collective" has a show up in San Francisco at Haines Gallery, La Destitution de la Jeune Fille (The Deposition of the Young Girl). There is so much in this exhibition: drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations, video, mixed-media, and multimedia, and The Old Boys Club does it all well.

The Club, who consists of Katya Bonnenfant and others, says in their statement, The Old Boys’ Club writes: “Premiers Matériaux... is a controversial essay, insolent and impressive…yet the book doesn’t provide any possible solutions in order to change society.
La Destitution de la Jeune Fille tries to humbly define some humorous territory where the Young Lady can be dethroned.” - Juxtapoz

Night Manager


Monday, May 9, 2011

The Carnivores - Chandelier EP (Double Phantom 2011)

Surf Punks, Documentary 1981

Mulatu Astatke - (1969-1974 Recordings)


Ducktails - Killing the Vibe Live Video

Ducktails performs Killin the Vibe at Monster Island Basement, Brooklyn from on Vimeo.

Vivian Girls - Moped Girls Video

vivian girls - moped girls from doseindie on Vimeo.

Thee Oh Sees

"Along with word about their newest album, Castlemania (June 14, In the Red), Bay area rockers Thee Oh Sees dropped some recent news about the future of the band: an additional member, multi-instrumentalist/singer Lars Finberg of the Intelligence (whowas playing with Wounded Lion at SXSW), will be making the group a five-piece in the near future. In addition to that, there's another full-length set for the fall.

Castlemania (cover art below) taps into the band's freaky, folkier side, as you can hear above with its opener "I Need Seed," so here's hoping the fall record picks up where 2009's Help and 2010's Warm Slime left off: jittery, high-wattage songs built for live, late-night consumption." - Brooklyn Vegan

Thee Oh Sees - I need Sleep

Shannon and the Clams - Sleep Talk Video

Shannon and the Clams - "Sleep Talk" from The Bay Bridged on Vimeo.

Hozac Sampler

The Waxidols

Wet Hair - In Vogue Spirit (De Stiji 2011)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Peoples Temple

Peoples Temple - Son of Stone

New album out on Hozac

Teardrops - here comes... (s/r 2011)

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Art Post - Lisette Chavez

Awesome Texas-based artitst

Weyes Blood - the outside room (Not Not Fun 2011)

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Psychedelic Horseshit - Laced (Fatcat 2011)

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Stephen Molyneux - Cambodian Field Recordings (No Kings 2011)

Dead Drums - Fashion Defense/Human hair (Bathetic 2010)

Preview Soldout

Secret Birds - Peace Forest (Bon Voyage 2011)