Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lumens - S/T (Holodeck 2012)


"Originally conceived as a project based around healing frequencies, Lumens’ self-titled debut actually manifested into an exorcism of sorts; understated swells of cavernous brass and strings, decaying drum loops, warm-electronic pulses of synth & home-made tape-phrases, and ephemeral layered vocals (more playing out as an instrument than voice) are various expressions of the greater body which is Lumens (HD004).

Lumens’ debut is as understated as it is emotive; the sound of tape machines extend out of their murky aural-bed never to return again; ambiguous samples play out to reveal hidden facets of detail; acausal song structure becomes suddenly coordinated in minimal, yet dense, movements of reserved sonic exploration and focused ambiance.

Opener Sweet Voice and closer When I knew You feature respective visitations of reversed and layered vocals, the former track collapsing into a narcotic kraut-groove halfway through its duration, marked with measured swells of foggy trumpet and viola; the latter leading the album into a final ascension, guided by collisions of brass and effects-laden voice over a primordial pulse of echoing floor-tom. The centerpieces of the album, Fake Time and Valley, recede back into expansive panoramas of minimalism; gradient soundscapes that deliberately journey through wide-open spaces of tonal depth and texture. Space and time shed their former boundaries, and there exists Lumens, embracing the void and bringing form where it was once absent."- Holodeck

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