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Luke Roberts - Big Bells & Dime Songs (Thrill Jockey 2011)

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"The debut album by Nashville native and occasional Brooklyn resident Luke Roberts is an intimate and immediate experience. Songs about running, stumbling, falling, crashing, crying, spitting, fighting, sleeping, dancing, healing, bruising, the butterfly, crawling, creeping, building, flying, fording, gargling, just starting out, homecoming, claiming, calling, bridges, tunnels, planets, and the sun and money. Essentially they are just gifts for Luke’s loved ones. Luke says it best: “They are poems that I didn’t feel comfortable not reciting before I go."- Thrill Jockey

Ferrari Jackson Album Teaser Video

High Wolf - Atlas Nation (Holy Mountain 2011)

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"Atlas Nation—recorded in 2010 after a long trip to India and Nepal—deepens High Wolf’s penetration into the mystic. He evokes an uneasy peace with a new breed of tribal psychedelia shorn of all hokey signifiers. “Fuji Descent” starts the album with what could be a languid, paradisiacal soundtrack to a scrapped Alejandro Jodorowsky film. “The Dawn of Man” is a stark, stoned processional burrowing into malarial climes where guitars squawk in ominous tongues and congas cave in chests and clear brush with a vengeance. “Raagni” magnifies and psychedelicizes Rapoon’s mantric, ritualistic hand-drum patter and tropical-forest drones while hinting at Don Cherry’s jazz-raga peregrinations. High Wolf claims that “Haiti” was “recorded in a couple of hours [on] the day of the big earthquake in Haiti, so it's the darkest/saddest HW track ever.” It’s a fittingly miasmic, climactic threnody."- Holy Mountain

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Annapurna Illusion - Life Is An Illusion (Rocket 2011)

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"What Annapurna Illusion has essentially lifted from the kosmische giants of 69-73 is not so much their sound as their overall approach. The music on Life Is An Illusion is gigantic and all-encompassing, conjuring up images of towering mountains, lost gods and swirling cosmos. At the same time, he elegantly suffuses his insistent and open-ended drones with touches of industrial noise and saturation that in less capable hands would seem out of place or clumsy. As such, Life Is An Illusion is one of the most accomplished synth drone albums released this last decade, and a welcome addition to the great kosmische canon"- Winged Sun

Woodsman - Mystic Places (Fire Talk 2011)

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"Mystic Places is a new 6 track EP from Denver's Woodsman. Recorded at home in various sessions over the past few months the tracks were born from the bands relentless affection for the road. Infusing Kraut and Tribal drum patterns with elements of drone, psych and collage the record moves from concussive and bright to dark and brooding over it's near twenty seven minutes."- Fire Talk

Art Post - Ben Venom and His Heavy Metal Quilts

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Brooding Forest - Hunting Rituals (Ecstatic Peace 2011)

hunting rituals - brooding forest (album preview) by experimedia. Uploaded with Scup

The Polyps - Ants On The Golden Cone (Hello Sunshine/Woodsist 2011)

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"Raf Spielman was born and raised on the West Coast. He is active in the fringe music community through his Eggy Records label, and has released music on the Night-People, Digitalis and Not Not Fun labels, among others. After a handful of cassettes and a 7" under the Polyps moniker, this debut LP is his most realized statement to date, having been assembled from a year and half's worth of sound and field recordings. "It's never right, because it doesn't have everything in it," de Kooning." - Hello Sunshine

Witch Hat - Brown In A Dog (Friends 2011)

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James Ferraro - Far Side Virtual (Hippos in Tanks 2011)

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Kate Linthicum -

"Ferraro’s muse is some enigmatic modern metropolis, where the streets are as slick as i-Pads, and where the symphonies ring with Macbook message alerts. Through the steam rising from our latte mocha chinos, he invites us to gaze out at the dreamy disorientation of our digital lives.

Imagine a Darius Milhuad-guided tour of 5th Avenue. Imagine a Whole Foods bakery that sells only cakes emblazoned with frosting replicas of Camille Pissarro's “Haying at Eragny.” These are the surreal utopias Ferraro brings to life with sixteen swirly-pop concoctions sure to sell out at the candy stores. So slip in your ear buds, and welcome to Far Side Virtual."

Dirty Beaches "Lone Runner" Video

DIRTY BEACHES /// LONE RUNNER from Kevin Luna on Vimeo.

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Bare Wires - Cheap Perfume (South Paw 2011)

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"Bare Wires patent their own brand of electrified garage punk, fusing glam glitter pop with garage punk grime, producing a sound that has been called everything from "Soft Punk" to "Leather Jacket Rock". The Oakland-based trio started in 2007 as a side project of Matthew Melton with the release of a crude garage punk single entitled "Voodoo Doll", released on European label Solid Sex Lovie Doll. Adding his own analog recording system into the mix in search of a rawer sound, Melton continued to record under the name Bare Wires, releasing the Artificial Clouds LP on Tic Tac Totally in 2009. With solid mid-fi production and a minimalist aesthetic, Artificial Cloudsdisposed the jagged, proto-punk edges of the previous recordings and moved towards a smoother, hook-laden, but no less scrappy sound. Bare Wires new "smooth punk" aesthetic was expressed on the Let Down 7" (Milk n Herpes), a dirty, sleazy pair of fuzz-doused songs with guitars ripping through a crunching amplifier on a hazy cloud of smoke. With their latest album, Cheap Perfume, Melton delivers ten stadium-ready tracks of glam-infused, rock n' roll gems, still remaining true to the sincerity and authenticity that has become his songwriting trademark."-South Paw

Rangers - Pan Am Stories (Not Not Fun 2011)

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"Tape-warped phantom band Rangers finally unleashes the grainy, soaring, expansive prog-pop opus we always knew was floating inside the fretboard (and imagination) of multi-instrumentalist mystery maestro Joe Knight. The north Dallas-raised, San Fran-residing head Ranger grew up taking classical guitar lessons from a dude who claimed to have ‘toured with the Dead,’ and some of that brain-wonked jam agenda obviously seeped into the young Knight, who began recording his own loose, lo-fi jangle sprawls in 2005. But whereas last year’s critically lauded Suburban Tours LP found him condensing his cassette-crushed alien pop into 3minute radio nuggets, Pan Am Stories uses the reverse strategy, letting each blurry strum pattern coast away and ride the breeze a bit before steering it into a fresh counter-melody or flanged-out guitar comedown. The extra breath and space gives the 13 songs a real sense of freedom and lightness and flight, layered in gentle blankets of fuzz, silky reverb, and audio collage riddles. A total saga, and a summit achievement of next-level invention for Knight as a musician (it’s insane he played/recorded every instrument on this thing!) and artist. Have been soaking in these tracks non-stop since we first heard ‘em this summer and are thrilled to get to share Stories with the world. 4-panel full-color CD digipaks (mastered by Carl Saff, who worked on Suburban Tours too) with micro-detailed collage art by Mr. Rangers himself; interior artwork by Knight and Anthony Yuen."-Not Not Fun

Art Post - Space Invader

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Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) Documents Occupy Wallstreet

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Punks On Mars - S/T (RatGum Records 2011)

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Nocow - Ruins Tape (sweatlodgeguru 2011)

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"Dampness and darkness yield fertile soil, bulbs sprout from beds of decay and unfurl their luminescent caps. Moonlight reveals what the midday shadows had hidden from sight: textures and rhythms meant only for those who stayed awake to hear it, dragging their eyelids upward across bleary eyes until deltawave phantasms manifest into waking life."-Sweat lodge guru

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Derek Rogers - Tonal Murmurs/Forest Landscape (Hooker Vision 2011)

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"LA by way of Austin, TX musician, Derek Rogers, crafts two long-form passages of slowly evolving melody and noise, cinematic in their scope and presentation."-Hooker Vision

Lee Noble - Horrorism (Bathetic 2011)

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"Lee Noble blends droning lullabies into an artistic stew of eerie, yet inviting melody on his debut vinyl release, Horrorism. Deeply personal and wildly humbling, Horrorism is a vast chasm of introspective churning. Conjuring the spirit of some sort of homegrown and low-pass filtered Radiohead on downers, yet sewn to the hip of modern atmospheric-champions a la Grouper and Sean McCann. " - Bathetic