Thursday, May 12, 2011

Cankun - Jaguar Dance (Not Not Fun 2011)

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"French haze aesthete Vincent Caylet has been active on the marginal music frontlines in various capacities for several years at this point but Jaguar Dance is his debut outing under the Cankun parasol, and it’s a even brighter-lit hideaway of mirages to pass out in. Choppy, chiming guitars balance-beam above looping heatwaved keyboards while skittery beats glitter like a glare on the skin of the sea. A few songs fixate on a more entrancing/sun-stupor tonal agenda (“Coral Sands,” “O Mountains O”) but the majority of the album’s nine multi-movement instrumentals revel in freshly flowing metronomic locomotions, from propulsive island-kraut (“Congo Mobile Disco”) to cool club bootlegs (“Lichens Beat,” “Kids House”) to sweaty wah-funk (“Striking Bicycles”) and beyond. Escapist, joyous, and psychedelically sunburned in equal measure,Jaguar Dance is a totally promising first statement and we’re already pumped for the sequel. Pro-dubbed tapes in cases with surreal smoking lips j-card art by Valerian Marguery. Edition of 175." - Not Not Fun

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