Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Art Post - The Old Boy's Club

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"We Mentioned our admiration for The Old Boys' Club on the site a few months back, and now the "collective" has a show up in San Francisco at Haines Gallery, La Destitution de la Jeune Fille (The Deposition of the Young Girl). There is so much in this exhibition: drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations, video, mixed-media, and multimedia, and The Old Boys Club does it all well.

The Club, who consists of Katya Bonnenfant and others, says in their statement, The Old Boys’ Club writes: “Premiers Matériaux... is a controversial essay, insolent and impressive…yet the book doesn’t provide any possible solutions in order to change society.
La Destitution de la Jeune Fille tries to humbly define some humorous territory where the Young Lady can be dethroned.” - Juxtapoz

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