Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jeans Wilder - Totally (Everloving 2012)

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"The 11-track set is his most realized work, packing the sounds of sunshine-y 60’s pop, toes-on-the-nose surf jangle and resin-scraping grunge.
On Totally, Jeans sparks and exhales a heavy toke of reverbed guitar, vocal harmonies and downer lyrics into your ears.
Jeans is the nom-de-plume of San Diego-based Andrew Caddick, former band member of Fantastic Magic (with Nathan Williams of Wavves and Matt Barajas of Heavy Hawaii). He has been honing his melancholic beach pop since 2008, channeling the light and darkness of America’s Finest City. With a handful of cassette and vinyl releases already under his belt, Totally is as much the next step from his celebrated Nice Trash LP as it is a huge leap forward for the lonesome drifter. Where previous releases have seen much more sparse instrumentation, Totally delivers a more fleshed out sound while bringing Caddick’s voice further into the foreground with strong delivery and melodic hooks.
The lo-fi wash and dub-like production are still part of his signature, only now Jeans is a little bit further from the shade and closer to the sand. It’s the soundtrack for a bonfire at the moment where you steal away from the others to sit and watch the tide. Somewhere between the crashing churn of the Pacific, Jeans Wilder is out there."-Everloving 

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