Friday, March 23, 2012

Inner Tube (Mark Mcguire +Spencer Clark) - S/T (Experimedia 2012)

Via Stolen lynnx

"It’s a given that when you see Mark McGuire’s name pop up on a song, there’s going to be some gorgeous, intricate guitar running through the track. All of his work is infused with this sort of glittery soft focus. It is, first and foremost, mood music—made by one person and designed to be listened to alone as well. When he collaborates with others, it is always fascinating to see how he works his style into the framework of someone else. Most recently, he made a whole record with Charles Berlitz who is actually Spencer Clark from Skaters, the duo that includes James Ferraro as its other half. “MR” is a song for surfer Mark Richards, but like much of McGuire’s other work, it could also be about being heartsick at dusk, thinking about being a kid, general sadness, or space. McGuire and Clark’s Inner Tube is out right now." - The Fader

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