Monday, December 5, 2011

Review: Co La - Daydream Repeater

Review written by Mauricio Gudiño Jr.

"If that's your thing, then go for it" is the phrase I catch myself throwing around when listening to Matthew Papich's first release under the title "Co La". The title of the album is "Daydream Repeater" and it works as a perfect tool for figuring out what you'll be delving into, the album being repetitiously dream spirited. The almost perfect sounding synthetic cloud-like landscapes he collages lend themselves to the type of transcendence you'd fiend for if you were stuck in the best parts of the 80's. It nicely exhibits the grandiose qualities of the early mainstream electronic; the qualities that would drive people to mimic the diamond and play all weekend long. But it's not just floaty electronic collage. Papich also utilizes the earthiness of the reggae aesthetic ,from sampled guitars/vocals to as far as what you would imagine you would hear if you found yourself in deep in Jamaican terrain, to really let the listener travel to this half-sheen half-green scenery that works beautifully if let play in the background of daily life. Don't take all this to heart, though. Even though he does build a nice aesthetic vocabulary, it does seem to play better/easier as background music, hence the preface like sentence to this review: "If that's your thing, then go for it".

Co La: Daydream Repeater by alteredzones

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