Wednesday, September 7, 2011

No Mind Meditation - Molecular Clock (Goldtimers Tapes 2011)

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"For 'Molecular Clock' No Mind Meditation embark on a cosmic passage with no map and a goodbye hymn to spring. Illuminating the shadow of transient thought and the shared vision of mortal dreams. This cloud lands somewhere in the field between 'Paramita' and 'Face Skull Spirit'.

Tape One: It's all flickering lights, ocean swells and the buzzing of dawn. Ever expanding codes of serpent ecstatic array of echoing constants.

Tape Two: A collection of skull drillers and post-meltdown pileups, dystopian landfills of flickering mechanized parts. The final act becomes a hymn that reluctantly emerges from the maelstrom of escapist drones." - Goldtimers Tapes

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